Let your WHITE shine, Bride!!!

I had to go buy some new dresses that my growing baby bump could fit into and just in passing a couple of stores, spotted so many precious, fun dresses that would be perfect for a rehearsal dinner! YOU ARE THE BRIDE! You should stand out at your rehearsal and at the dinner, and NO ONE else should wear white but you. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THAT and have fun with it!


These are just a couple of ideas, but there are so many super cute dresses out there for spring and summer right now! I wanted to buy one SO bad, but how tacky would it be for the wedding coordinator to show up in white? I can't even think about it!

This was at Francesca's and they totally worked it up with all these fun pearl and gold necklaces- there are crystal embelishments around the waist line that don't show up too well in the picture.

This is the dress that grabbed me at Ann Taylor Loft- MUCH cuter in person! Gorgeous detail and just feminine and youthful. If you are having a more casual rehearsal dinner, this is perfect! Jazz it up with some fun colored jewelry!
Of course, no one can afford Anthropologie, but IT'S YOUR WEDDING! That might be your one time to allow for the excuse of buying something there (besides a candle).

This dress above was just okay at first, but then I saw the back- SEXAY (but still bridal, of course!!!)

I think this one is so sweet! I love its vintage look. With some great shoes and cute hair style- any bride would have it goin' on!

The dress at the very top is from Nordstrom- you can never go wrong there!!!

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